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About the Journal
As one of the oldest and most cited legal journals in Australia, The Australian Law Journal (ISSN: 0004-9611) is the pre-eminent legal journal covering a spectrum of all the important current and historical legal issues. First published in 1927, each monthly Part contains the “Current Issues”, “Conveyancing and Property”, and “Recent Cases” Sections, along with a number of other informative and interesting Sections, as well as two or three articles written by leading legal practitioners, academics, and prominent members of the judiciary.

General Editor
Justice François Kunc of the Supreme Court of New South Wales

Assistant General Editors
Angelina Gomez, Lawyer, Perth
Emily Vale, Solicitor, Sydney
Ruth Higgins, Barrister, Sydney
Dr Nuncio D’Angelo, Solicitor, Sydney

Section Editors
• Administrative Law – Justice Melissa Perry
• Admiralty & Maritime – Dr Damien Cremean
• Book Reviews – Angelina Gomez
• Competition & Consumer Law – Robert Baxt AO
• Constitutional Law – Professor Anne Twomey
• Conveyancing & Property – Robert Angyal SC and Professor Brendan Edgeworth
• Corporations & Securities – Robert Baxt AO
• Crime & Evidence – Justice Phillip Priest
• Current Issues – Justice Francois Kunc
• Environmental Law – Justice Rachel Pepper
• Equity & Trusts – Justice Mark Leeming
• Family Law – Dr Richard Ingleby
• From the Law Schools – Professor Michael Coper AO
• Human Rights – Professor Simon Rice
• International Focus – Professor Ryszard Piotrowicz
• The Legal Observer – Michael Pelly
• Personalia – Emily Vale
• Statutory Interpretation – Justice John Basten

State and Territory Editors: Around the Nation
• Australian Capital Territory – Justice John Burns
• Northern Territory – Acting Justice Dean Mildren RFD
• Queensland – John McKenna QC
• South Australia – Justice Kevin Nicholson
• Tasmania – Justice Stephen Estcourt
• Victoria – Justice Clyde Croft
• Western Australia – Justice Kenneth Martin

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