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  1. Linda Guirey
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    I deliver workshops on workplace bullying in NZ and I make it clear as to what constitutes bullying and what doesn’t. Employers should really be educated in this regard, so that they know when there is a performance issue and when there is a bullying issue.

    If a staff member is going to allege bullying, then in order to take things further, they need evidence. Not sure that being spoken to about their attendance provides any evidence to abusive behaviour.

    There was one workshop I delivered, and one staff member immediately after the workshop went to her employer and alleged bullying. Unfortunately for her, she wasn’t really paying attention in the workshop, but the managers all were. Her allegations were unfounded.

    I do accept that in order to follow due process, there would have to be an investigation into any allegation and that takes time and costs money. Perhaps a policy that clearly outlines abusive behaviours needs to be in place and also make it clear that false allegations will result in disciplinary action.

    Linda Guirey
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