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Turnover crisis looms for banking

Financial institutions are facing near total decimation of their workforces unless they improve working conditions, banking and financial services recruitment firm Profusion Group CEO Rod Jones told HRR. Jones said a survey of 3000 banking sector employees found a staggering 92% were looking for other opportunities within the sector, while 78% said they would move out ...more

It’s a long way to the top if you want to wear high heels

A redefining of “merit” is needed for Australian organisations to combat gender inequality and meet gender equity targets, senior female business leaders have told HRR. Diversity Council of Australia CEO Nareen Young said “as soon as you change the definition of merit, you’ll see diversity targets being met”. She cited Westpac’s public commitment to having ...more

Gen Y employee myths debunked

A global study of more 44,000 employees has revealed the myths about Gen Y employee motivations are little more than rhetoric. HR and social media consultants have been telling businesses to develop engagement strategies targeting younger workers (HRR528). However, PricewaterhouseCoopers’ NextGen: A global generational study of 44,000 employees across 18 countries confirmed and dispelled rumours about what ...more

Lack of IT vision creates missed ops

Australia’s lack of information technology “vision” is negating its ability to adequately engage in workforce planning or identify opportunities for progress, Talent International managing director Richard Earl told HRR. Earl said the absence of a business “blue print” was creating unnecessary pressures down the line as companies reactively looked for IT specialists to complete projects. ...more