HR Report

Leaders see redundancies as a last resort

Organisational leaders are favouring lateral thinking over redundancies and retrenchment in the face of challenging economic conditions, according to the latest findings from LMA’s Leadership, Employment and Direction (LEAD). Key findings from the November 2013 LEAD survey reveal only 25% of leaders and 33% of managers have reported layoffs in the last quarter. However, tightened belts and ...more

Productivity gains common to public and private sector

“Back office efficiencies” and economies of scale in purchasing arrangements are top of the list for proposed productivity gains in the Australian public service (APS), according to the State of the Service 2012-2013 report released by the Australian Public Service Commission last week. The report outlines the challenges facing the APS to meet the Federal ...more

Stretch your way to healthy employees

Every dollar spent on employee wellbeing will return $5.81, Exercise is Medicine Australia research has revealed. Chris Tzarimas, Exercise is Medicine Australia initiative CEO and Lifestyle Clinic director, told HRR the cost of health related absenteeism and presenteeism was $34.1bn. He said a workplace wellness program could increase productivity through a 25% drop in illness ...more

FWC’s anti-bullying model unveiled

The threat of workplace bullying continuing by the same perpetrator is a prerequisite condition for a complaint to go to the Fair Work Commission (FWC), the draft benchbook and case management procedures unveiled by FW Commissioner Justice Iain Ross at press time have revealed. Bringing an end to the speculation about how the FWC will handle its ...more

Is teleworking the silver bullet Australia needs?

Teleworking could dramatically turn about the work-life balance of Australia employees, while saving money, improving employee health and boosting productivity, federal government research has found. Australia’s carbon footprint could be reduced by 320,000 tonnes if just one-in-ten employees worked an average of two days a week from home. Additionally, employees would save 41m hours commuting, ...more