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    ACT Revenue Office
    ACT and Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    American Payroll Association
    American Society For Payroll Management
    Anti-Discrimination Commission Tasmania
    Anti-Discrimination Commission, Queensland
    Australasian Legal Information Institute
    Australian Building & Construction Commission (ABCC)
    Australian Bureau of Statistics
    Australian Business Limited
    Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry
    Australian Council of Trade Unions
    Australian Fair Pay Commission
    Australian Human Resources Institute
    Australian Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission
    Australian Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission Decisions pre-August 1999
    Australian Industrial Relations Cmn decisions
    Australian Industrial Relations Commission
    Australian Industrial Relations Commission – decisions
    Australian Industry Group
    Australian Institute of Management
    Australian Institute of Training & Development
    Australian National Training Authority
    Australian Taxation Office


    Business Entry Point
    Business SA


    Canadian Payroll Association
    Centre for Advanced Human Resource Studies
    Chamber of Commerce & Industry WA
    Civil Contractors Federation of NSW
    Cole Royal Cmn into the Building & Construction Industry
    Commonwealth Department of Education, Science and Training
    Commonwealth Department of Finance and Administration
    Consult Gee (UK Payroll Information Service)


    Department of Employment and Workplace Relations
    Dept of Workplace Relations (DEWR)


    Employers First
    Equal Opportunity Commission Victoria
    Equal Opportunity Commission WA
    Equal Opportunity Commission of South Australia
    Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency


    Federal Court of Australia
    Federal Court of Australia – recent decisions
    Federal Department of Employment and Workplace Relations
    Federal Magistrates Court – new decisions


    High Court of Australia – recent decisions


    Industrial Relations (Productivity and Labour) WA
    Industrial Relations ACT (via WageNet)
    Industrial Relations NT (via WageNet)
    Industrial Relations SA (Employment Relations Information Centre)
    Industrial Relations Society of NSW
    Industrial Relations Tasmania (Workplace Standards Tasmania)
    Industrial Relations Victoria
    International Association for Human Resource Information Management
    International Labour Organization


    Law Society of NSW
    Local Courts of NSW


    NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal
    NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal – all new appeal decisions
    NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal – new EO decisions
    NSW Anti-Discrimination Board
    NSW Banks & Bank Holidays Act 1912
    NSW Bar Association
    NSW Chamber of Commerce
    NSW Department of Commerce, Office of Industrial Relations
    NSW Dept of Commerce
    NSW Industrial Relations Act 1996
    NSW Industrial Relations Commission
    NSW Legislation
    NSW Occupational Health & Safety Act 2000
    NSW Office of State Revenue
    NSW Parliament
    NT Chamber of Commerce & Industry
    NT Work Health Authority
    National Centre for Vocational Education Research
    National Occupational Health & Safety Commission
    New South Wales Awards
    Northern Territory Anti-Discrimination Commission
    Northern Territory Trades & Labor Council


    OSIRIS – most commonly used awards
    Office of State Revenue Western Australia
    Office of Workplace Services (OWS)
    Office of the Employment Advocate
    Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner


    Parliament of Australia
    Payroll Tax – ACT
    Payroll Tax – NSW
    Payroll Tax – NT
    Payroll Tax – Queensland
    Payroll Tax – SA
    Payroll Tax – Tasmania
    Payroll Tax – Victoria
    Payroll Tax – WA
    Practice Direction No 8


    Queensland Council of Unions
    Queensland Department of Industrial Relations
    Queensland Industrial Relations Commission
    Queensland Office of State Revenue
    Queensland’s Chamber of Commerce & Industry


    Recruitment & Consulting Services Association
    Revenue SA


    SCALEplus (Attorney-General’s Department Australian Law Online)
    South Australian Industrial Relations Tribunals
    South Australian Workplace Services – Employment Relations Information Centre
    State Revenue Office Tasmania
    State Revenue Office of Victoria
    Supreme Court of NSW


    Tasmanian Industrial Commission
    Territory Revenue Management


    UK Institute of Payroll & Pensions
    Unions ACT
    Unions NSW
    Unions Tasmania
    Unions WA
    United Trades & Labor Council of South Australia


    Victorian Employers’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    Victorian Trades Hall Council
    Victorian WorkCover Authority


    WA Department of Consumer & Employment Protection
    WageNet – Department of Employment and Workplace Relations
    Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission
    WorkCover Corporation of South Australia
    WorkCover New South Wales
    WorkCover Queensland
    WorkCover Western Australia
    WorkSafe Western Australia
    Working Women’s Centre
    Workplace Standards Tasmania