Thomson Reuters offers a diverse information suite covering employment law and workplace relations for a wide range of professionals. We offer deep support for both legal and HR staff, across all sizes of practice and different corporate working environments.

This special collection of titles is selected from our extensive list of local and international titles. Recognising the breadth of commercial environment, the selection includes books and journals, as well as a variety of research, practice subscription services and Cleardocs document solutions.

With employment law and Fair Work regulations intersecting with a variety of other substantive law areas, including corporations, competition and intellectual property matters, Thomson Reuters’ wider range of subscription services is likely also to be of use.  Visit our website for details of our full product range.


Fair Work Legislation 2012

Convenient for every day use.  Now with key section annotations!

With core legislation and essential substantive and procedural statutory materials in one handy volume, you will also benefit from key section annotations (over 90 important provisions covered), modification notes, an annual review setting out the developments since the last edition and great design features such as extensive cross-references between Acts, Regulations and Rules, page thumb tabs and descriptive legislation sub headings.

Current to 6 June 2012, to incorporate major 1 June 2012 amendments that transform the Building and Construction Industry Improvement Act plus new associated Regulations, and 6 June 2012 amendments to the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.

Principles of Employment Law, 4th Edition

An accessible text for students and practitioners alike.

Includes topics on identifying employment relationships, the position of contractors and casual employees, duties of employment, enterprise agreements and awards, unfair
dismissal and discrimination.

This 4th edition contains new analysis of workplace safety and the changes brought forward by the Fair Work Act 2009 including the current approach to unfair dismissal, the provisions on adverse action, modern awards and National Employment Standards.

Parental Leave: A User-Friendly Guide

This practical guide covers parental leave entitlements and procedures under the Fair Work Act 2009 and Paid Parental Leave Act 2010.

Parental Leave: A User-Friendly Guide by Erin McCarthy, Elise Jenkin and Andrew Stewart of Piper Alderman follows the course of a parental leave application. Using a clear layout, bullet points and case studies, it brings together the issues that come up under different pieces of legislation to help IR/HR practitioners and union/ employer advisors meet the needs of clients and employees. Academics will also appreciate the analysis of parental leave and its development in the context of the Australian workplace relations system.

Navigating the Fair Work Laws

Need to work out your way ahead through the Fair Work laws? Look no further.

Navigating the Fair Work Laws is a comprehensive guide to the key aspects of the system, making it a useful tool for legal, IR and HR practitioners and students. Written by experts drawing on practitioner and academic experience, this book assists those already involved in workplace relations by combining a topic-based approach with detailed cross-referencing to relevant legislation and case law. Its clear structure and writing style makes it a valuable aide to a system that can be both technical and complex.

Nutshell: Employment Law

The essence of the law…

Lawbook Co. Nutshells are the essential revision tool: they provide a concise outline of the principles for each of the major subject areas within undergraduate law. Written in clear, straight-forward language, the authors explain the principles, and highlight key cases and legislative provisions for each subject.

457 Visa Law: Addressing Australia’s Skilled Labour Shortage

Manage commercial staffing solutions effectively

A shortage of skilled labour is creating significant business staffing challenges in recruiting, maintaining and retaining a skilled and sustainable workforce. The 457 Visa enables Australian businesses to sponsor skilled overseas workers to fill positions on a temporary basis, but comes with a series of sponsorship, monitoring and compliance obligations.

In this text, Maria Jockel, of Russell Kennedy Lawyers, an established expert in immigration law, offers an essential resource for all professionals advising Australian businesses, particularly lawyers in areas of expertise such as commercial law, workplace and immigration practice; HR managers; recruiters; and migration agents.

This book has been reviewed in the May edition of the Law Institute Journal. To read this review, please click here: Review of 457 Visa Law (2009) May LIJ 74.

Independent Work Contracts

Flexible contracting – with care

This text outlines the range of laws that govern independent work contract arrangements, which combines reliance on common law tests with statutory measures within the Workplace Relations Act. Riley offers a valuable practical resource for HR, IR and legal practitioners advising employers and contractors, as well providing an educational resource for students of labour law and management practice.

Macken’s Law of Employment, 7th Edition

For over 30 years, students, academics and professionals have relied on Macken’s Law of Employment as one of Australia’s most respected works in employment law. This 7th edition continues in that tradition. Authored by a distinguished team of experts, the carefully selected topics and case extracts along with the scholarly commentary ensure reputable guidance on common law and equitable principles as they affect contracts of employment.

Transition to Forward with Fairness: Labor’s Reform Agenda

Includes expert commentary on National Employment Standards

Experts from Corrs Chambers Westgarth’s Melbourne office offer a practical guide to the significant transitional arrangements introduced by the Rudd Labor Government. Directly affecting workplace industrial arrangements, the changes need to be fully understood by lawyers, IR advocates and HR practitioners.

Work Choices: The High Court Challenge

Milestone judgment with expert analysis

The findings of constitutional validity of the Work Choices legislation in the November 2006 High Court decision, New South Wales v Commonwealth [2006] HCA 52, have significant implications for both constitutional and industrial relations law and practice.

This text brings together the case and analysis of the decision by experts from the University of Melbourne’s Law School. The constitutional implications are addressed by Professor Cheryl Saunders AO, Dr Simon Evans and Megan Donaldson from the Centre for Comparative Constitutional Studies while the industrial relations impact is considered by Colin Fenwick and Joo-Cheong Tham from the Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law. Their collective efforts recognise the importance of this case. Also includes index.


ACP: Employment Precedents

Provides practitioners with practical assistance in implementing employment structures under the federal legislation. It offers precedent employment contracts and policies, clause banks, and precedent agreements relating to termination, all as Word documents

ACP: Restraint & Confidentiality Precedents

Word document versions of precedents and commentary for maximum security through all phases of the employment negotiation process, from pre-negotiation disclosure through to post-employment restraint of trade, together with tactics for combating breach of confidentiality and fiduciary duty.

Alert24 (Workplace and Employment Law)

The most straightforward way to receive latest legal news daily

Alert24, offering the latest information on news, case law, policy and bill tracking, in your choice of email or RSS feed, is the premium daily news service for legal professionals. Its exceptional coverage of more than 20 topics offers filtered content expertly selected, covering news, press releases, policy materials, full text cases, legislation and bill tracking. Flexible tools control what you receive and when, and combine with a full searchable archive and a simple set up of personal and group profiles – the ultimate benchmark in assisting users select the information that suits their needs.

Discrimination Alert News Service

The latest discrimination, equal opportunity and workplace diversity news

This concise, independent fortnightly news service delivers the latest discrimination, equal opportunity and workplace diversity news to help you address and prevent workplace issues. Subscribers get detailed updates on current claims and disputes, latest discrimination and EEO court decisions and relevant government legislation, plus practical case studies of organisations that have effectively dealt with discrimination, affirmative action and equal opportunity issues.

Email subscribers receive added research tools including searchable archives.


Employee Documentation Toolkit

Easily produce the three key streams of employee documentation

Quickly and easily generate all three key streams of employee documentation and ensure that they’re consistent and up-to-date, with this step-by-step interactive tool.

Prepare customised, consistent job descriptions, employment contracts and workplace policies and procedures that meet current compliance requirements. Store, modify and customise all your employment-related documents in one integrated environment, to more easily meet your employer obligations.

Features one update per year (approximately October) and 1 bulletin per year (April).

Employee Relations Manual

Managing employees under changing employment laws

Written for HR and IR practitioners, expert authors Maddocks examine and discuss complex Workplace Relations legislation in plain English, so you can understand, implement and manage the changes resulting from the federal reforms – from forming to terminating the employment relationship.

Features two updates per year.

Employment Factbook

The essential guide to managing the entire employment lifecycle

Understand and confidently navigate the legal aspects of key employment compliance matters with this essential employer resource. Confidently deal with sensitive issues and reduce your risk of employment-related litigation by knowing your compliance obligations, and stay on top of critical areas including state and Commonwealth legislation, principal obligations of an employer, wages and salaries, hours of work, forms of leave, employment contracts, terminations and more. Features two updates per year plus five bulletins per year.

Essential Facts: Recruitment and Termination

Tools to manage two crucial phases of employment

This practice manual provides straightforward assistance on handling recruitment and termination. It gives you essential compliance information and practical tips to help you develop win/win employee contracts, write effective employee handbooks, formulate sound recruitment policies and master crucial issues from terminations to taxation. Features one update per year and four bulletins per year.

HR Report News Service

Stay informed about HR issues throughout Australia

This concise, independent fortnightly news service gives you updates about what’s happening in HR nationally including tribunal, commission and court decisions; case studies on best and worst practice in both public and private sector organisations; legislation, trends from overseas, and briefs on the activities of equal opportunity organisations, employers, EO tribunals and agencies, and governments. There is a quarterly supplement, Recruitment Alert. Email subscribers receive additional research tools including searchable archives. Subscription includes access to the Thomson HR Assist workplace and employment helpline.


Industrial Reports

Including the authorised reports of Fair Work Australia and the Australian Industrial Relations Commission

Now, more than ever, the Industrial Reports are essential, as the only specialist industrial and employment law report series in Australia. In this dynamic area, for access to leading industrial law decisions, the reports offer indepth coverage of industrial decisions of the High Court, Federal Court, State and Territory Supreme Courts, and Federal and State Industrial Courts, Commissions and Tribunals.

Each case includes a detailed headnote for easy access to key issues. The online version has an archive from 1995 (Volume 60) and includes PDF versions of the reports. It features links to allow FirstPoint subscribers to quickly check the history and currency of a decision.

National Workplace Relations

Reassuringly to hand – the latest legislation, with expert guidance

In the dynamic area of employment law and workplace relations, Thomson Reuters’ service, National Workplace Relations, continues to develop flexibly to meet professional needs. Overseen by an expert Editorial Board, this unique national resource includes the annotated Workplace Relations Act 1996 and the Fair Work Act 2009, related regulations and rules (some with commentary) and independent contractors and building and construction industry legislation with commentary. Precedents plus expertly selected extracts of relevant federal and state legislation save research time.

Occupational Health News Service

Weekly independent occupational health and safety news

The independent weekly news service that OHS professionals across Australia have turned to for 25 years, sourced from key contacts in the field. Gain concise, in-depth coverage of legislative developments at state, territory and federal levels, court decisions and damages awards, landmark OHS prosecutions, groundbreaking health and safety research, case studies and practical tips from industry, seminars and industry events. Includes the bi-monthly Inside OHS report taking you behind the big stories. Email and online subscribers receive added research tools including search-by-article archives.


Practical HR

Hands-on support through the entire employment lifecycle

Streamline day-to-day HR operations, develop strategies for future success and meet your employer obligations with this indispensable guide for all those with HR responsibilities.

Including timesaving sample policies, procedures and templates, Practical HR details key areas including HR management, job analysis and position descriptions, recruitment and selection, contracts and conditions of employment, remuneration and benefits, performance management, training and development, equal employment and discrimination, OHS and termination.

Subscription includes access to Thomson HR Assist. This workplace and employment helpline offers tailored, specialist assistance to help HR professionals quickly and cost-effectively answer workplace queries. Features six updates per year.

Practical Workplace Terminations

Three key streams of workplace terminations information in one resource

Find the information you need to work through the key aspects of terminations – HR; legal; and payroll and taxation – so you can save time and reach a win/win solution. Covering the full spectrum of terminations, from retirement and redundancy to dismissal and death, this essential resource eases each process with practical tools including;

  • Templates, checklists case studies, flowcharts and worked examples
  • Up-to-date information to help you deal confidently with the full spectrum of terminations, including resignations, retirement (including Approved Early Retirement) redundancy, dismissal and more.

Includes an email news service.

Features one update per year and three bulletins per year.

Trade Secrets & Privacy

Provides essential guidance through the entire spectrum of the law regarding personal, institutional and corporate privacy, helping you better protect commercially sensitive, and private and personal information.

Workers Compensation Law Manual New South Wales

Conduct workers compensation claims with confidence

This practical service provides information on how to conduct a workers compensation claim. Coverage of important features of the Workers Compensation Act 1987 and Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act 1998 includes implications for common law actions, liabilities to repay money to the Commonwealth, employers’ obligations to rehabilitate employees, and criminal offences under the Act. The 2 volume service also includes relevant legislation, benefits tables and practice notes.

Workers Compensation Law Manual Queensland

Workers compensation advice to hand, 24 hours a day

A working reference and practice guide, the manual contains practical tips, step-by-step guidelines, checklists, forms and precedents plus the text of relevant legislation including the complete Workers Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003 and the Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995. In their commentary, the authors draw on recent decisions from around Australia.

Workers Compensation Report News Service

Independent weekly workers’ compensation news

This independent weekly workers compensation news service delivers timely analysis from reporters who speak to key players daily.

Gain an exclusive round-up of changes to federal and state workers’ compensation legislation and be informed about workplace best practice in training, injury prevention, claims management, rehabilitation and self-insurance.

We cover premium and benefit trends, developments and trends in case law, updates on return-to-work practices, proposals for major reform of Australia’s workers’ compensation schemes and developments in compensation risks, exposures and opportunities to reduce liabilities.

Email and online subscribers receive added research tools including searchable archives.


Workforce News Service

Australia’s daily and weekly industrial relations news service

Going strong for more than 30 years, this independent news service offers detailed IR news updates to industrial relations professionals nationally.

Get incisive analysis of breaking industrial relations issues, including arbitration, AIRC developments and hearings, new industrial relations legislation including Work Choices, IR-related decisions in employment tribunals and state and federal courts, wage movements, industrial disputes, IR trends, individual employment contracts, union developments, and enterprise agreements.

Email subscribers can stay informed with Workforce Daily bulletins, plus extra research tools including searchable archives.


Workplace Review

People, practice, cases and trends in workplace relations

From the first moment, it will be clear that Workplace Review has something unique to offer. This quarterly publication provides IR/ employment practitioners with the practical insights in a readily accessible form.

Catching your eye in each issue is a portrait by Simon Fieldhouse, inviting you to read the accompanying interview. President of Fair Work Australia, Justice Geoffrey Giudice appears in Issue 1. Concise articles draw out the tactical and strategic implications of legal and policy developments.

Regular features include different perspectives on topical issues and contributions from a Human Resources angle. Dedicated Work, Health & Safety and Discrimination Sections are overseen respectively by Michael Tooma and Elizabeth Raper. The Editorial Board, constituted by state representatives, ensures Workplace Review has national scope and relevance.


Independent Contractor Agreement

The Cleardocs Independent Contractor/Consultancy Agreement enables you to clearly set out the terms and conditions of the relationship between an organisation and an independent contractor/consultant who will perform services for the organisation.

Ordering the Agreement through Cleardocs takes about 15 minutes.

The master documents, interface, related documents and information for the Independent Contractor/Consultancy Agreement have been signed off by our lawyers at Maddocks — a top 20 Australian law firm.

HR Policies and Procedures Manual

The Cleardocs HR Manual enables you to set comprehensive HR policies and procedures for your organisation. Through the Cleardocs interface, you tailor the documents to your organisation’s needs. The Manual is regularly maintained to ensure that it complies with all legislative changes.

Standard Employment Contract

The Cleardocs standard employment contract package enables you to clearly set out the terms and conditions of the employment relationship between your organisation and the employee. Through the Cleardocs interface, you are able to tailor the employment contract to meet the needs of your organisation.

The employment contract complies with the Fair Work Act 2009 and the National Employment Standards (NES) as in force at the time of your purchase.

All documents are signed-off by our lawyers at Maddocks.

Go to the Cleardocs website for more information or call the Cleardocs Helpline on 1300 307 343 if you have any questions.


The online services are maintained as Law in Force. Legislation in the online service is updated as soon as possible after legislative amendments commence. The legislation currency information and status flag, above the full text, is updated daily so that practitioners are aware of all incorporated, pending and future amendments.

References to case law are linked to, eg, FirstPoint as well as the full-text Thomson Reuters law report/judgment and the PDF version of the report (subject to subscription).

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