Critical analysis of the law, policy and practice of GST

About the Journal
The Australian GST Journal (ISSN: 1445-4068) is a quarterly analytical journal devoted to exploring and resolving both technical and practical GST issues.

Published since 1998, Australian GST Journal remains the sole publication devoted entirely to the policy and practice of GST in Australia, with a track record of leadership in the analysis of GST issues. Australian GST Journal is essential reading for anyone wanting to gain real insights into the current GST landscape. The Journal’s readership includes the ATO, as well as many leading practitioners, some of whom also contribute articles.

General Editors
Michael B Evans, Taxsifu

Case Note Editors
Gina Lazanas, Partner, Balazs Lazanas & Welch LLP
Robyn Thomas, Associate, Balazs Lazanas & Welch LLP

Editorial Board
Professor Richard Krever, Monash University
Professor Adrian Sawyer, University of Canterbury
Professor Rita de la Feria, Durham University
Professor Yan Xu, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Dr Kathryn James, Monash University
Michael B Evans, Taxsifu

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