Thomson Reuters is proud to publish many of Australia’s pre-eminent and highly cited legal and business journals.  We have a range of options available for subscribing or purchasing our journals.

To subscribe, simply click here and select your journals or contact our Customer Service Team on 1300 304 195 or at [email protected].

The subscription options available are:

Print subscription
You can subscribe to:

  • Parts only;
  • Bound Volumes only [where applicable]; or
  • Parts and Bound Volumes [where applicable].

Each of these options gives you 12 months’ worth of Parts and/or Bound Volumes for your selected titles, starting from the time you sign up for your subscription. The number of Parts and the availability of Bound Volumes differs for each journal. More information on each of our available journals is here.

If you are missing any Parts or Bound Volumes, please contact us for a quote to replace those lost issues.

Online subscription
The benefits of purchasing our journals online include:

  • Articles are fully searchable;
  • PDF versions of all articles are available to download;
  • Instant access to all within your organisation – no more searching for that elusive missing volume;
  • RSS feeds available; and
  • You get access to the full backset of volumes published for your selected journal.

Bulk discounts for online subscribers are also available.  Subscribe today to any 10-20 of our online journal titles and you’ll receive 20% off the total annual cost.  What’s more, subscribe to 20+ online journals and you’ll receive 40% off the total annual cost!

eSub subscription
You can also access The Australian Law Journal parts as an eJournal on Thomson Reuters ProView®. With the ProView eReader platform, you get the benefit of book-like readability combined with a customised user experience, so you  can add notes, highlight sections, add bookmarks and download copies of articles, whether you’re in the office, in court, or out and about.

Individual Journal Articles
Every one of our journal articles is available for individual purchase as an electronic PDF copy, for a flat fee of $40 per article (including GST). The flat fee applies for any article, from any journal.

With the largest collection of legal journal articles available online in Australia, our archive dates back to the first volume of The Australian Law Journal published in 1927.

To purchase a journal article, please email: [email protected] or contact us on 1300 304 195 (Australian customers) or +61 2 8587 7980 (international customers) during business hours (Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm AEST).

For general queries about our articles, please contact us at: [email protected].