Environmental and Planning Law Journal – topical and timely

The January 2015 issue of the Environmental and Planning Law Journal includes four topical and timely articles on various aspects of environmental and planning law, including the 2015 climate change agreement, carbon capture and storage, reformed Queensland environmental planning legislation, and managing water resources in Australia.

Property Law Review – New topical sections provide expert insight

Property Law Review Vol 4 Pt 1 (November 2014) is available online now. Topical section notes authored by professional and academic experts in a broad range of property law related subject areas and jurisdictions have been introduced into the Property Law Review journal, including Strata and Community Title, Consumer Issues, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, New South Wales, and Queensland.

Professor Helen Anderson joins Company and Securities Law Journal

Professor Helen Anderson joins Company and Securities Law Journal

Thomson Reuters is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Helen Anderson as editor of the Insolvency section in the Company and Securities Law Journal.  Associate Professor Helen Anderson holds an LLB (Hons) from the University of Melbourne, as well as a Grad Dip Bus (Acc), LLM and PhD from Monash University. She worked in ...more

Invitation for Submissions – Environmental and Planning Law Journal

Invitation for Submissions – Environmental and Planning Law Journal

Are you looking for new avenues in which to share your insights? Have you already written an article on Environmental or Planning Law that you would like to see published, or do you know someone who has? Do you want your name, your institution’s name or your firm’s name recognised for academic and professional leadership ...more

Environmental and Planning Law Journal update: January 2014

The latest Part of the Environmental and Planning Law Journal includes the following articles: “Emerging legislative regimes for regulating carbon capture and storage activities in Australia: To what extent do they facilitate access to procedural justice?” – Guy J Dwyer; “The scope of a 2015 climate change agreement: A mixed top-down/bottom-up approach to achieve universal participation” – Anna Celliers; “Regulatory obesity, the Newman diet and outcomes for planning law in Queensland” – Philippa England; and “The way forward: Are further changes to Australian water governance inevitable?” – Maureen Papas.

Journal of Law and Medicine update: December 2014

The latest Part of the Journal of Law and Medicine includes the following sections: Editorial: “Criminalising research fraud” – Ian Freckelton QC; Legal Issues: “Disciplinary proceedings for inappropriate prescription of opioid medications by medical practitioners in Australia (2010-2014)” – Danuta Mendelson; Medical Issues: “Legal liability for psychiatrists’ decisions about involuntary inpatient status for mental health patients” – Ian Freckelton QC; Bioethical Issues: “Is a cleft lip and palate a serious “handicap”? Jepson v Chief Constable of West Mercia – A legal and ethical critique” – Michael Morrison and Grant Gillett; Nursing Issues: “Nursing documentation: A valuable clinical activity” – Kim Forrester; Medical Law Reporter: “Crimes Amendment (Zoe’s Law) Bill 2013 (No 2): Paradoxical commercial impacts of the conservative agenda on fetal rights” – Roseanna Bricknell and Thomas Faunce; Letter to the Editor and Book Review: Maralinga by Frank Walker. Also in this Part are the following articles: “The bereavement gap: Grief, human dignity and legal personhood in the debate over Zoe’s Law” – Hannah Robert; “The standard of medical care under the Australian Civil Liability Acts: Ten years on” – Joseph Lee; “Holding unregistered health practitioners to account: An analysis of current regulatory and legislative approaches” – Jon Wardle; “Voluntary palliated starvation: A lawful and ethical way to die?” – Ben White, Lindy Willmott and Julian Savulescu; “Confusing criminal and civil law: When may a hospital refuse to release a dead body?” – Steven B Gallagher; “A right to choose how to live: The Australian common law position on refusals of care” – Katherine Curnow; “New Zealand’s Mental Health District Inspector in historical context: ‘The impartial scrutiny of a citizen of standing’” – Kate Prebble, Claire Gooder and Katey Thom; “Wrongful life claims and negligent selection of gametes or embryos in infertility treatments: A quest for coherence” – Noam Gur; “Young people and medical procedures: Whether or not young people can be competent to make medical decisions in their own interests” – Michael Easton; and “We didn’t start this fireless vapour: E-cigarette legislation in Australia” – Dr Marilyn Krawitz

Workplace Review update: Summer 2014

The latest Part of Workplace Review includes the following articles: “The restoration of QC and the opportunity for choice” – Jeffrey Phillips SC; “Living for the weekend: Should weekend penalty rates be reduced or abolished?” – Emily Aitken; “Penalty rates: Do employer claims stack up?” – Tom Kavanagh; and “Inappropriate behaviour on picket line results in lawful dismissal” – Mark Curran. Also in this Part are the following sections: Editorial; Focus on: Northern Territory; Common Law and General Protections; Book Review; and Diary. There is also an interview with Tony Sheldon and a special section commemorating the fifth anniversary of the Workplace Review.

Journal of Judicial Administration update: December 2014

The latest Part of the Journal of Judicial Administration includes the following articles: “Judicial directions and the criminal standard of proof: Improving juror comprehension” – Ryan Essex and Jane Goodman-Delahunty; “The “good” child sex offender: Constructions of defendants in child sexual abuse sentencing” – Nicole Stevens and Dr Sarah Wendt; “Making the marriage work: The components of a successful relationship between the Chief Justice and the CEO” – Richard Foster PSM; and “Who is the judge? A critical analysis of the discourse of disbelief” – Dr Pamela D Schulz OAM. Also in this Part is a case note by Dr Andrew Cannon about the Bernie Ecclestone case in Germany.

Australian Journal of Administrative Law update: November 2014

The latest Part of the Australian Journal of Administrative Law includes the following articles: “Someone to watch over me: Use of FOI requests by the tobacco industry” – Andrew D Mitchell and Tania Voon; “Executive detention and the Australian Constitution” – Anthony Gray; and “What is “fair” and “reasonable” depends a lot on your perspective” – Chris Wheeler. Also in this Part are the following sections: Editorial, Immigration and International Aspects, Casenotes, Work and Employment, and Book Reviews.