Scope for reform: New report shows Australia lagging in environmental governance best practice

Washington DC-based climate think-tank, the World Resources Institute is set to launch its Environmental Democracy Index (EDI) in May. Developed in partnership with The Access Initiative, the EDI is designed to provide a snapshot of a nation’s performance in key practice areas of environmental governance. In the latest issue of the EPLJ, report contributors Guy J Dwyer and Judith A Preston discuss Australia’s performance under the EDI – scoring just 1.42 out of a maximum possible score of 3; and achieving the best possible practice results in only 14 out of 24 practice indicators.

New co-editor of the Public Law Review

New co-editor of the Public Law Review

Professor Janet McLean is warmly welcomed as co-editor of the Public Law Review. She has been the Book Review editor for the journal for a number of years and will now join forces with the co-founder of the journal and current co-editor, Laureate Professor Cheryl Saunders (Founding Director of the Centre for Comparative Constitutional Studies, Melbourne Law School, ...more

Professors Dale Pinto and Kerrie Sadiq join Australian Tax Review

Professors Dale Pinto and Kerrie Sadiq join Australian Tax Review

Thomson Reuters is pleased to announce the appointment of Professors Dale Pinto and Kerrie Sadiq as Associate Editors for the Australian Tax Review. Dale and Kerrie will assist General Editor Chris Evans with the management of the Journal. Kerrie Sadiq is a Professor in the School of Accountancy at the QUT Business School, Queensland University of Technology, Australia, an ...more

Property Law Review – New topical sections provide expert insight

Property Law Review Vol 4 Pt 1 (November 2014) is available online now. Topical section notes authored by professional and academic experts in a broad range of property law related subject areas and jurisdictions have been introduced into the Property Law Review journal, including Strata and Community Title, Consumer Issues, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, New South Wales, and Queensland.

Australian Tax Review update: August 2015

The latest Part of the Australian Tax Review includes the following articles: “Australian international taxation of attributed trust gains” – Mark Brabazon SC; “Tracking down stamp duty avoidance – do Western Australia’s general antiavoidance rules capture tracking notes?” – Jared Clements and Matthew Plint; and “Unit Trend: It’s not just about GST” – Nick Gangemi. There is also an editorial and a Case notes section with notes by Kathrin Bain on the following cases: ATS Pacific Pty Ltd v FCT; and Lighthouse Financial Advisers (Townsville) Pty Ltd v FCT.

Australasian Dispute Resolution Journal update: August 2015

The latest Part of the Australasian Dispute Resolution Journal includes the following articles: “Misattributed paternity disputes: The application of collaborative practice as an alternative to court” – Emily Kwok and Dianna T Kenny; “Artistry in mediator practice: Reflections from mediators” – Kathy Douglas and David Goodwin; “The pros, cons, and maybes of telephone mediation: A conversation about the “fourth party”” – Helen Shurven and Archie Zariski; “An alternative model for the application of intervention orders in Victoria” – Edward Davis; “The child’s voice in FDR: Mediation and child-informed practice” – Mieke Brandon and Linda Kochanski; and “Evaluating collaborative law in the Australian context” – Henry Kha.

Australian Law Journal update: July 2015

The latest Part of the Australian Law Journal includes the following articles: “Set-off against statutory avoidance and insolvent trading claims in company liquidation” – Rory Derham; and “Defending orthodoxy: Codelfa and ambiguity” – Thomas Prince. Also in this Part are the following sections: Current Issues, Conveyancing and Property, Personalia, Competition and Consumer Law, Recent Cases and Obituaries.

Building and Construction Law Journal update: August 2015

The latest Part of the Building and Construction Law Journal includes the following articles: “Enforcement of adjudication determinations” – Javad Asghari, Kristian Cywicki and Wayne Jocic; and “Extension of time notification and the superintendent’s discretion – the ongoing tug of war between principal and contractor” – Kirsty Smith. Also in this Part are Reports on the following cases: Cavasinni Constructions Pty Ltd v New South Wales Land and Housing Corp; CMF Projects Pty Ltd v Riggall; and Cardinal Project Services v Hanave.

The Queensland Lawyer update: July 2015

The latest Part of The Queensland Lawyer includes the following article: “Pleading guilty online in Queensland: Efficiency at the expense of justice” – Mikayla Brier-Mills; and the following sections: Administrative law: Uelese v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection [2015] HCA 15; Commercial law: A bank’s liability for the advice of its financial planner: Westpac Banking Corp v Jamieson [2015] QCA 50; (2015) 294 FLR 48; Conveyancing and Property law: Compensation or consideration for a statutory right of user?; Criminal law: Particulars in workplace health and safety prosecutions; and Alleging previous convictions in the magistrates court; Health and Guardianship law: Children, consent and the refusal of blood: A recent Queensland case; and Industrial law: Fighting at work – Disentitling and serious and wilful misconduct?. Also in this Part is a Report on FCA v Commissioner of Queensland Police Service (Family law and child welfare, Magistrates) and reviews of the following books: The Law of Misleading or Deceptive Conduct – Colin Lockhart; Native Title in Australia – Richard Barlett; Criminal Law in Queensland and Western Australia: Cases and Commentary – Eric Colvin, Justice John McKechnie and Jodie O’Leary; Law of Confidentiality – G E Dal Pont.