Property Law Review – New topical sections provide expert insight

Property Law Review Vol 4 Pt 1 (November 2014) is available online now. Topical section notes authored by professional and academic experts in a broad range of property law related subject areas and jurisdictions have been introduced into the Property Law Review journal, including Strata and Community Title, Consumer Issues, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, New South Wales, and Queensland.

Professor Helen Anderson joins Company and Securities Law Journal

Professor Helen Anderson joins Company and Securities Law Journal

Thomson Reuters is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Helen Anderson as editor of the Insolvency section in the Company and Securities Law Journal.  Associate Professor Helen Anderson holds an LLB (Hons) from the University of Melbourne, as well as a Grad Dip Bus (Acc), LLM and PhD from Monash University. She worked in ...more

Invitation for Submissions – Environmental and Planning Law Journal

Invitation for Submissions – Environmental and Planning Law Journal

Are you looking for new avenues in which to share your insights? Have you already written an article on Environmental or Planning Law that you would like to see published, or do you know someone who has? Do you want your name, your institution’s name or your firm’s name recognised for academic and professional leadership ...more

Property Law Review update: December 2014

The latest Part of the Property Law Review includes the following articles: “A cadastral system approach to environmental protection: A focus on Australia” – Melkamu B Moges; and “Old meets new: The rule in Shropshire’s case and the Torrens system” – Glen Anderson. Also included in this Part are the following sections: Strata and Community Title: “Equitable jurisdiction of body corporate adjudicators” – Michael Kleinschmid; Consumer Issues: ” My home is my castle: Does this principle yield when I block your view or shade the sun’s rays from you?” – Lynden Griggs; Singapore: “Recent developments around leases: Non-derogation and quiet enjoyment; Evidence Act and tenancy by estoppel; remedy of distress” – Kelvin Low; South Africa: “The South African land registration system: A case involving fraud” – PJ Badenhorst; Queensland: “Modifying easements: Living in the past” – Stephen Lumb; South Australia: “Vendors’ statements, the right to cool off and remedies: Le Cornu and Kurda v Place on Brougham Pty Ltd” – Paul Babie; and Western Australia: “Recent developments: Selling off the plan (a warning for developers); Retirement Villages Act amendments; adverse possession” – Eileen Webb and Pnina Levine.

Australian Intellectual Property Journal update: December 2014

The latest Part of the Australian Intellectual Property Journal publishes the following articles: “Searching for the silver bullet: How website blocking injunctions are changing online IP enforcement” – Michael Williams and Rebecca Smith; “Another missed opportunity to reform compulsory licensing and Crown use in Australia” – Jane Nielsen, Dianne Nicol, John Liddicoat and Tess Whitton; and “The limitations of the Australian resale royalty scheme and its implications for artists” – Jennifer Kwong.

Local Government Law Journal update: December 2014

The last Part for Volume 19 of the Local Government Law Journal publishes an article by Hanna Jaireth and Madeleine Figg which sketches the context for the enactment of the EPBC Act and explains that intergovernmental arrangements have been contentious since its passage, outlining the nature and purpose of bilateral assessment and approval agreements, stakeholders’ responses to the Australian Government’s One-Stop-Shop policy, and recent reviews of the Act. Also in this Part is a Digest of Cases and a Local Government and Planning Law Guide Cases section.

Australian Journal of Competition and Consumer Law update: December 2014

The last Part for 2014 of AJCCL includes the following articles: “Establishing accessorial liability under the Australian Consumer Law” – Stephen Lumb; and “China’s MOFCOM: Gaining in confidence and transparency” – Thomas Jones, Raquel Lapresta and Jessica Qiu; and the following sections: Access to Services; Defective Goods; Restrictive Trade Practices; Unconscionable Conduct and Codes of Conduct; Case note; Snapshots; Energy Etchings; Reflections; Commission Cameos; Report from India; and Report from North America.

Journal of Banking and Finance Law and Practice update: December 2014

The latest Part of the Journal of Banking and Finance Law and Practice includes the following articles: “Applicable law in letters of credit transactions” – Hang Yen Low and Keith Uff; “Why the Australian finance industry should pay closer attention to chattel paper” – Nicholas Mirzai and Paul Richter; and “Pacific injustice and instability: Bank account closures of Australian money transfer operators” – Ken C Ooi and Ross P Buckley. Also in this Part are the following sections: Banking Law and Banking Practice; Tax and Stamp Duty; Commercial and Finance Law; Insolvency Law and Management; Recent Publications; Tokyo; and Canada. There is also a Q&A with the General Editor of JBFLP Gregory Burton SC about the 25th anniversary of the Journal and a Forum response about Australian policymakers and crowdfunding.