Special issue on commercial surrogacy published in the Journal of Law and Medicine

A special issue on commercial surrogacy features in the December 2015 issue (Vol 23, Pt 2) of the Journal of Law and Medicine. In an introductory note to the special issue, Chief Judge John Pascoe of the Federal Circuit Court of Australia comments that the: fundamental issue for any community in relation to surrogacy is ...more

Australian Intellectual Property Journal update: December 2015

The latest Part of the Australian Intellectual Property Journal includes the following content: “The innovation patent system: Lessons for Australia in the IP reform process” – Mark Davison; “Invisible trademark infringement and passing off on the internet: Meta-tags, search engines, initial interest confusion and reform” – Mahmoud Mando.

The Queensland Lawyer update: December 2015

The latest Part of The Queensland Lawyer includes the following article: “Provisions of the Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act 2003 (Qld) should be amended to allow the purpose of the Act to be fulfilled” – Glenn Wood JD; “Admission to legal practice in Queensland – cases and processes” – Francesca Bartlett and Linda Haller; and the following sections: Commercial law; Criminal law; Industrial law; and Book reviews. There is also a Report on the the following case: Cunningham v Gapes [2015] QDC 5.

Journal of Law and Medicine update: December 2015

The latest Part of the Journal of Law and Medicine features a special issue on the topic of commercial surrogacy, prefaced with an “Introductory note” by Chief Judge John H Pascoe and followed by five articles which examine some areas of development, regulation and debate: “The regulation of commercial surrogacy: The wrong answers to the wrong questions” – Anita Stuhmcke; “Responsive regulation of cross-border assisted reproduction” – Jenni Millbank; “Commercial surrogacy and the human right to autonomy” – Ronli Sifris; “Genes and gestation in Australian regulation of egg donation, surrogacy and mitochondrial donation” – Karinne Ludlow; “The Family Courts and parentage of children conceived through overseas commercial surrogacy arrangements: A child-centred approach” – Adiva Sifris.
This Part also includes the following sections: Guest Editorial: “Commercial surrogacy: What role for law in Australia?” – Ronli Sifris, Karinne Ludlow and Adiva Sifris; Legal Issues: “Defining seclusion and restraint: Legal and policy definitions versus consumer and carer perspectives” – Cath Roper, Bernadette McSherry and Lisa Brophy; Medical Issues: “The dangers of dementia: Getting the balance right” – Ross Bicknell, Joseph Ibrahim, Lyndal Bugeja and David Ranson; Bioethical Issues: “Lecretia Seales and aid in dying in New Zealand” – Grant Gillett; Nursing Issues: “The role of observation and feedback in enhancing performance with medication administration” – Karen Davies, Charles Mitchell and Ian Coombes; Medical Law Reporter: “Myriad voices against gene patents in the High Court” – Lucas McCallum and Thomas Faunce; and Letter to the Editor. Also in this Part are the following articles: “Medical and scientific authorship: A conflict between discipline rules and the law” – Elizabeth Adeney; “Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: A consideration of sentencing and unreliable confessions” – Heather Douglas; “Cutting the cord: Can society over-invest in extremely premature and critically impaired neonates?” – Neera Bhatia; “Nazi medical experiments on Australian prisoners of war: Commentary on the testimony of an Australian soldier” – George M Weisz; “A problem of modernity: Dual burial plots, the right to inter, and the interrelationship between the two” – Lynden Griggs; and “Our Father who art in prison: Conviction and rehabilitation for Australian Catholic clergy who are child sexual offenders” – Mike O’Connor. There is also a Book Review of “Critically Impaired Infants and End of Life Decision Making” – by Neera Bhatia.

Online Currents update: December 2015

The latest Part of Online Currents includes the following content: “MOOCs” – Jane Douglas; “Innovation in Knowledge Organisation: A conference report” – Matt Moore and Kelly Tall; “Screencasting: Easier than you think” – Jon Jermey; and Freeing data from the catalogue: Re-imagining the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Biographical Index (ABI)” – Judith Cannon and Jenny Wood; Company News; Around the Blogs; Bookshelf and Journals; Databases and Aggregators; Web Watch; and Conferences, Meetings and Seminars.

Journal of Civil Litigation and Practice update: December 2015

The latest Part of the Journal of Civil Litigation and Practice includes the following articles: “A trial of preliminary issues” – Katja Levy; and “From NW Frozen Foods to CFMEU via Ingleby and Barbaro: Changing judicial attitudes to ‘agreed’ civil penalties” – Grant Mason. Also in this Part are the following case notes: Blairgowrie Trading Ltd v Allco Finance Group Ltd (Receivers & Managers Appointed) (in liq) [2015] FCA 811 – by James Argent; Pavlovic v Universal Music Australia Pty Ltd [2015] NSWCA 313 – by Domenico Cucinotta; and a presentation delivered at the Commercial Law Association Judges’ Series on 26 June 2015, Sydney: “Construction of contracts: The High Court’s approach” – by The Hon Justice Robert McDougall.