Property Law Review (Prop L Rev)

Multiple perspectives on the law of real and personal property

About the Journal
Property Law Review is a peer-reviewed journal exploring important questions of real and personal property with national or international implications.

This high calibre journal publishes articles, notes, comments and reviews dealing with fundamental questions in property law, other than in relation to intellectual property. It welcomes multiple perspectives, ranging across analytical, theoretical, empirical and comparative approaches, analysis of recent developments, exploration of issues of policy and proposals for law reform.

Property Law Review offers a unique combination of intellectual rigour and commercial relevance to academics researching and teaching the law of property in its many and varied manifestations. It is also of value to commercial litigators and advisors involved in large-scale commercial transactions that can be caught up in litigation arising from the complexity of property law.

General Editors
Professor Brendan Edgeworth teaches at the University of New South Wales. Professor Edgeworth’s teaching and research interests span property law, housing law, law and social theory, and legal history. He is actively involved in the reform of property law and housing law.

Dr Cathy Sherry is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Law at the University of New South Wales. She researches and teaches in the rapidly growing area of strata and community title. Her research covers the technical, theoretical and comparative aspects of urban development and has been published in Australian and international journals.

Dr Pamela O’Connor is a Professor of Law at the University of the Sunshine Coast. She teaches and researches in property law. Her research interests include issues in registered title systems, new property, comparative property law, law and economics, and regulatory aspects of property law. She has served with the Victorian Law Reform Commission as Commissioner with primary responsibility for two reports and remains involved in property law reform.

Section Editors
Associate Professor Paul Babie, University of Adelaide
Associate Professor Pieter Badenhorst, Deakin University
Professor Sharon Christensen, Queensland University of Technology
Mr Thomas Gibbons, McCaw Lewis, New Zealand
Mr Lynden Griggs, University of Tasmania
Professor Samantha Hepburn, Deakin University
Mr Michael Kleinschmidt, Stratum Legal, Queensland
Associate Professor Kelvin Low, Singapore Management University
Professor Pamela O’Connor, University of the Sunshine Coast
Ms Jennifer Stuckey-Clarke, Barrister-at-Law, 15 Wardell Chambers Sydney
Dr Eileen Webb, Curtin University

Editorial Board
Professor Gregory Alexander, Cornell University
Professor Susan Bright, University of Oxford
Professor Roger Cotterrell, Queen Mary, University of London
Professor Susan Fletcher French, University of California, Los Angeles
Professor SH Goo, University of Hong Kong
Professor Kevin Gray, University of Cambridge
Associate Professor Larissa Katz, Queens University, Canada
Dr Christopher Rossiter, formerly Professor of Law, University of New South Wales
Professor Joseph William Singer, Harvard University
Mr Jeremy Stoljar SC
The Honourable Justice Margaret Stone, Federal Court of Australia
Professor Andre van der Walt, Stellenbosch University
Dr Eileen Webb, Curtin University
Professor Michael Weir, Bond University
Dr Lyria Bennett Moses, University of New South Wales

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