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The latest issue of the Family Law Review (Volume 3 Part 2) contains the following material:


The High Court and family law: Two recent excursions – Hon Justice Paul Brereton AM RFD

In this article, two recent adventures of the High Court of Australia in the field of family law are considered – one in a financial matter, namely Kennon v Spry, in which the majority decision holding that assets of a discretionary family trust could be counted as property of the parties to the marriage, has become the subject of considerable, but the author will suggest unwarranted, controversy; and the other in a children’s matter, namely Bookhurst v Bookhurst, in which the refusal of special leave has left open a significant debate as to how the views of children are to be considered.

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Family property law and the three fundamental propositions in Stanford v Stanford – Patrick Parkinson AM

This article considers the implications of the High Court’s decision in Stanford v Stanford. The court indicated that s 79(2) of the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) is in effect a statutory condition for the exercise of the power to alter property rights and that it should not be conflated with the considerations under s 79(4). The article suggests ways in which the terms “just” and “equitable’” can be construed separately from the s 79(4) and s 75(2) factors; the order in which matters need to be considered; the future of the four steps; the implications of having to determine legal and equitable title as a first step; whether it is sufficient to satisfy s 79(2) that both parties seek orders altering property rights; the potential for greater use of equitable doctrines in family property law; and other issues.

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  • Children’s rights to legal representation in child protection proceedings – James Farrell


  • Amendments to child support legislation relating to declarations of non- parentage – Department of Human Services


  • Mediation variations in family dispute resolution: Shuttle mediation – pros and cons – Linda Kochanski

RECENT CASESGeoffrey Monahan FM (Ed), Michelle Fernando, Olivia Rundle

  • Lorreck v Watts (Parenting; Relocation)
  • Sayer v Radcliffe (Parenting; Relocation)
  • Jonah v White (De facto relationships)

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