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September 2019

General Editor: Justice François Kunc
ISSN: 0004-9611
Material Code: 42609661

The Australian Law Journal and the TC Beirne School of Law at the University of Queensland held a conference on 6 April 2019 to consider the future of religious freedom in Australia following the report of the Religious Freedom Review, led by former Attorney-General Philip Ruddock. Selected papers from the conference are to be published in a special edition of the Australian Law Journal in September entitled “Religious Freedom”.

Topics covered are:

The Future of Religious Freedom by Patrick Parkinson
Can Australian Law Better Protect Freedom of Religion? by Nicholas Aroney
Protecting Religious Freedom in a Human Rights Act by Harry Hobbs and George Williams
Towards Re-thinking “Balancing” in the Courts and the Legislature’s Role in Protecting Religious Liberty by Joel Harrison
Evidence of Absence in the Ruddock Report by Jeremy Patrick
Religious Schools and Discrimination against Staff on the basis of Sexual Orientation: Lessons from European Human Rights Jurisprudence by Anja Hilkemeijer and Amy Maguire
Religious Schools, Religious Vendors and Refusing Services after Ruddock: Diversity or Discrimination? by Alex Deagon
Enforcing Conformity: Criminalising Religiously Inspired Acts by Michael Quinlan
The Good of Religion by Joshua Neoh