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The latest issue of the The Queensland Lawyer (Volume 35 Part 1) contains the following material:


ADMINISTRATIVE LAWProfessor Bill Lane and Eleanor Dickens

  • Standing to challenge planning decisions based on economic interests and projected loss of profitability – the High Court decision in Argos Pty Ltd v Corbell (2014) 89 ALJR 189 – Bill Lane


  • Who gets the deposit when trustees for a bankrupt buyer disclaim a real estate contract? – Bill Dixon
  • Parties cannot contract out of mandatory minimum standards in a retail shop lease – Natalie Byrne


  • Misusing a dealer’s plate – A M West
  • Trouble with a juror – A M West

INDUSTRIAL LAWDr Kristy Richardson

  • When is someone bullied “at work”?: Bowker v DP World Melbourne Ltd [2014] FWCFB 9227 – Kristy Richardson


Family provision – emerging costs issues Michael Kelly

One who has a view that costs in Testamentary Family Maintenance Applications are always borne by the estate must be wary. Costs in these matters are becoming a more significant issue for a number of reasons and practitioners and clients must be aware.

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BOOK REVIEWSJudge Michael Shanahan DCJ

  • Banking Law in Australia by Alan Tyree reviewed by – Claire Hockin
  • Criminal Law: Pre-trial Practice and Procedure by Michael Francis Lillas reviewed by – Luke Gollan
  • Social Media and the Law by Patrick George reviewed by – Siobhan Harrison
  • Statutory Interpretation by DC Pearce and RS Geddes reviewed by – Vivian Rossi-Price
  • Criminal Law Elements by Penny Crofts reviewed by – Sophie Harburg

REPORTFederal Circuit Court Judge Michael Jarrett

  • Chaskel’s Emporium Pty Ltd v Capercorp Pty Ltd (Procedure)

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