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The latest issue of the The Queensland Lawyer (Volume 35 Part 3) contains the following material:


ADMINISTRATIVE LAWBill Lane and Eleanor Dickens

  • Isbester v Knox City Council [2015] HCA 20 – Chloe Cameron


  • Liability of landlord for nuisance of tenant – Elinor Buys


  • Other people’s troubles

INDUSTRIAL LAWDr Kristy Richardson

  • The power to require a person to attend and answer questions and the health ombudsman


Workplace law issues raised by commercialised dentistry: Some tips and traps lawyers advising dentists should think about Louise Floyd

The traditional trip to the dentist might be physically and financially painful, but recent changes in the way dentistry is practiced means there are legal issues that should be underscored for law practitioners and dentists. These issues include: The use of contractors (not employees) and the effect that has on insurance; the continuing importance of ethical obligations (the importance of not placing profit ahead of a professional obligation to patients – even in a more competitive environment); and the use of social media.

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BOOK REVIEWSJudge Michael Shanahan DCJ

  • Criminal Law in Australia – Lorraine Finlay and Tyrone Kirchengast – review by Tara Bosworth
  • Criminal Procedure in Australia – Francine Field, Andrew Hemming and Thalia Anthony – review by Grace Devereaux
  • Australian Labour and Employment Law – Marilyn Pittard and Richard Naughton – review by Madeleine Howarth
  • The Annotated Constitution of the Australian Commonwealth – John Quick and Robert Randolph Garran – review by Natalia Kamusinski
  • Voidable Transactions in Company Insolvency – Farid Assaf, Brett Shields and Hilary Kincaid – review by James Collins

REPORT – Federal Circuit Court Judge Michael Jarrett

  • Radich v Kenway

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