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The latest issue of the The Queensland Lawyer (Volume 36 Part 1) contains the following material:


ADMINISTRATIVE LAWBill Lane and Eleanor Dickens

  • Developments in procedural fairness: The high court decision in Minister for Immigration and Border Protection v WZARH (2015) 90 ALJR 25; [2015] HCA 40 – Chloe Cameron and Bill Lane


  • Landlord cannot compel a tenant to continue operating an unprofitable business: Sentinel Countrywide Retail Ltd v PC Emerald (Qld) Pty Ltd [2015] QSC 348 – Natalie Byrne


  • Revealing criminal histories – AM West


  • Changes to anonymity for donors and donor-conceived children under Victorian law – Malcolm Smith


Changes in property transactions: Out with PAMDA, in with e-conveyancing Jessica Beckman

The law is a constantly changing entity; sometimes those changes are minor, and other times those changes can completely alter the way an area of law operates. As an industry professional, one must always ensure that any updates made to our area of practice are both brought to our immediate attention and strictly adhered to. In the last 18 months, property and conveyancing lawyers have been hit with a number of changes to their field. Some of these changes have simply been procedural, with no great material effect on the actual law and its application. Other changes however, will revolutionise property law and the way in which we practice in this area.

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BOOK REVIEWSJudge Michael Shanahan DCJ

  • R v Murdoch: The Falconio Case – Review by Alexandra Bose
  • DNA Evidence in the Australian Legal System – Review by Erin Kelly
  • Advocacy in Practice, 6th edition – Review by Tristan Pagliano
  • Australian Insolvency Law, Cases and Materials – Review by Thomas O’Brien
  • Administrative Appeals Tribunal, 4th edition – Review by Andrew Quinn

REPORTFederal Circuit Court Judge Michael Jarrett

  • Hickey v Bender (Private international law)

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