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The latest issue of the Australian Journal of Administrative Law (Volume 23 Part 4) contains the following material:

EDITORIAL – Damien J Cremean

  • Judging the judges
  • A slip in logic
  • Misjudged praise

WORK AND EMPLOYMENTBeth Gaze and Joanna Howe

  • Countering discrimination based on age and disability


  • Admin law is going to the dogs: And horses – And bison


  • AMF15 v Minister for Immigration & Border Protection (2016) 241 FCR 30


  • Plaintiff M68/2015 v Minister for Immigration & Border Protection
  • Plaintiff S99/2016 v Minister for Immigration & Border Protection
  • Validity of Determination IMMI 15/140 (3 December 2015)
  • Minister for Immigration & Border Protection v SZSSJ
  • AS v Minister for Immigration & Border Protection (Ruling No 4)


A man for all seasons? The fair minded observer and royal commissioners Matthew Groves

The bias rule requires that decision-makers approach their tasks in an impartial manner. As with the hearing rule, the bias rule can be stated as a single abstract principle but its application will vary according to the circumstances in which it is applied. This article examines the application of the bias rule to royal commissions, with particular reference to a bias application that was made to a royal commissioner and former Justice of the High Court of Australia. The article argues that the commissioner in question got the law right but its application wrong.


  • The Law of Tribunals: Annotated Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act 2013 (NSW) by John Levingston, reviewed by Gemma McKinnon
  • Parliament and Human Rights: Redressing the Democratic Deficit by Murray Hunt, Hayley Hooper and Paul Yowell, reviewed by Matthew Groves
  • Public Law Adjudication in Common Law Systems: Process and Substance by John Bell, Mark Elliott, Jason N E Varuhas and Philip Murray, reviewed by Sarah-Jane Morris

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