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The latest issue of the The Queensland Lawyer (Volume 36 Part 3) contains the following material:



  • OXS Pty Ltd v Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority [2016] NSWCA 120: Agreement for lease or not? – Elinor Buys


  • The return of the Sentencing Advisory Council
  • Submissions on sentencing ranges
  • The lessons of Baden-Clay

INDUSTRIAL LAWDr Kristy Richardson

  • Archer v Simon Transport Pty Ltd [2016] QCA 168: Particulars of an Offence


“Hogan Orders”: Interim property settlement for litigation funding Justin Thomas

Commonly, one party to a marriage will need to apply for, or respond to an application for financial/property settlement Orders, but are without the ability to meet the costs associated with the litigation. The Family Law Act empowers the court to make Orders to assist impecunious parties to meet those costs from the “pool” of property that is the subject of the litigation. Such orders have come to be known amongst legal practitioners as “Hogan Orders”, following the decision in the Marriage of Hogan (1986) 10 Fam LR 681. The principles to be applied when applying for Orders of this kind are revealed by a consideration of the some of the noteworthy decisions of the court since that time.

BOOK REVIEWSJudge Michael Shanahan DCJ

  • Land Contracts in Queensland (4th ed) Sharon Christensen, William Dixon, William Duncan, and Stephen Jones – review by Marissa Carroll
  • Australian Anti-Discrimination Law (2nd ed) Neil Rees, Simon Rice, and Dominique Allen – review by Sarah Kingston
  • Defamation Law David Rolph – review by William Siganto

REPORT – Federal Circuit Court Judge Michael Jarrett

  • Sutton v Tang

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