Nominations are closing soon for the Australian Association of Constitutional Law’s (AACL) Saunders Prize, which will be awarded to the author of an article or note on a subject of constitutional law published in an Australian legal journal in 2016.

The prize is named in honour of Laureate Professor Emeritus Cheryl Saunders AO in recognition of her exceptional work in constitutional law and her leadership in the creation of the AACL.

Cheryl is the founding Director of the Centre for Comparative Constitutional Studies at the University of Melbourne, and has been a longstanding Editor of our Public Law Review journal.

The winner of the Saunders Prize in 2017 will be awarded $500, and nominations close on 14 May 2017. More information is available from the AACL website.

The co-winners of the inaugural Saunders Prize in 2016 were Selena Bateman and Brendan Lim. Selena won the prize for her article “Constitutional Dimensions of State Executive Power: An Analysis of the Power to Contract and Spend” published in the Public Law Review at the end of 2015. The article looked closely at the High Court’s reasoning in Williams v Commonwealth, arguing that from a doctrinal perspective the decision has a significant impact on State executive power.

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