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The latest issue of the Local Government Law Journal (Volume 22 Part 2) contains the following material:


Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning: Can It Ensure the Provision of the Affordable (Integrated) Housing Required to Secure Sydney’s Sustainability? – Emily Tucker

The Greater Sydney Commission’s draft District Plans for Sydney propose the imposition of a mandatory 5–10% affordable rental housing target when land is rezoned for higher densities. This article will explore how an effective mandatory inclusionary zoning scheme could be designed and implemented to deliver affordable housing that ensures the integrationist objectives imperative to Sydney’s sustainability. It concludes that a market-based mechanism enforced as a planning law intervention is unlikely to mandate the scale of change required, unless the government provides real sponsorship to drive integrated, diverse development of affordable housing on infill sites.


  • Australian Capital Territory Hanna Jaireth
  • Victoria Lawrie Groom
  • Western Australia Ross Fletcher, Jess Hamdorf, Samuel Lindsay and Chelsea White


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