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The latest issue of the Building and Construction Law Journal (Volume 36 Part 5) contains the following material:

EDITORIALEditor: Michael Christie SC

  • The Technology and Construction List of the Supreme Court of New South Wales: an Attractive Forum for Litigants in the Construction Industry


  • The International Application of FIDIC Contracts A Practical Guide by Dr Donald Charrett Reviewed by Phillip Greenham


The Duty to Warn and the Combustible Cladding Crisis – Owen Hayford

12 years ago, the Building and Construction Law Journal published an article by this author on the application of the so-called “duty to warn” to construction projects. In more recent times, the building industry has been rocked by the combustible cladding crisis. Public inquiries, litigation and building industry reform initiatives have ensued, as stakeholders and regulators look to apportion blame, allocate rectification costs and prevent situations like the Grenfell fire from recurring. This article revisits the legal principles that underlie the duty and the case law that has since developed, before considering how it applies to the circumstances that transpired on the Grenfell and Lacrosse buildings.


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